Ravaldino fortress - Forlì
Sforza Citadel

Bagnara fortress - Bagnara di Romagna (RA)
Sforza Fortress

Riolo Terme fortress - Riolo Terme (RA)
Sforza Fortress

Imola fortress - Imola (BO)
Sforza Fortress

Dozza fortress - Dozza (BO)
Sforza Fortress

Caterina Sforza

Caterina Sforza Experience



Discover Romagna region with a special guide: Caterina Sforza, the most famous of the Renaissance Ladies!

She will guide you into Italy’s Renaissance in a land rich of enchanting old villages, delicious food and wines, wonderful panoramas, fortresses, legends and more!

Just few steps from the Adriatic Sea and from Bologna.

You won’t believe your eyes and… ears!

Our tours:

Wellness and relax at the court of Caterina Sforza (two days)

One day at the court of Caterina Sforza

…and you be assured that these won’t be chatters, you won’t take them as words either because by nature I don’t need many… but you are going to see their effects.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who was Caterina Sforza?

She was a bold and beautiful Countess who had lived in Italy during the Renaissance, she had become famous for her lovers and her battles. She was defeated by Cesare Borgia the Valentino Duke after many days of terrible siege in which she withstood completely alone becoming a legend.

Why is Caterina Sforza connected to Romagna region?

…because at the end of XV century she lived in Romagna, she ruled alone the most important Signoria of the region, Imola and Forlì.

Why shall you visit the fortresses of Romagna?

Because Caterina was a skilled military strategist and her fortresses are remarkable examples of the Renaissance architecture in Italy. They were built in the villages and towns along the Via Emilia, in order to defend her lands from the enemies, the Medici, the German troops, the other Signoria.

What is the "Caterina Sforza Experience"?

It is a list of stay proposals in the places in which Caterina had lived. You can choose the place and the activity: visiting fortresses, historical walking tours, dinners, shopping, thermal baths and spa, wine tasting, museums and attractions… and more!

How to reach us?

By plane – arrival at Bologna Airport – from 25 to 60 km of distance.
By trains – Bologna main Train station – frequent trains to Imola, Faenza, Forlì.
By car – Motorway A1 from Milan – Motorway A14 Bologna – Ancona.

How to move from one fortress to another ?

Please ask our staff for more details.

Discover our handmade ceramics, unique pieces of history!

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