This town is famous for its thermal baths and the remarkable art deco architecture of the thermal facilities. It is located a few kilometers from Forlì along the state road to Florence.
For a long time it had represented the border between Romagna and the lands of the Medici, with custom houses and watch towers.
The fortress of Castrocaro is a remarkable medieval building that overlooks the old hamlet. It was built upon a huge chalky rock called “spuntone”.
The fortress lies on a strategic position, on an outcropping rock that is what remains of an ancient underwater reef of the Pliocene age (10 millions years ago) formed by calcareous sandstone and rich in marine fossils of great geological interest. The fortress was once part of the holdings of Caterina Sforza, is currently one of the best preserved castle in the area and offers wonderful panoramas and… a real jump onto the past.

According to the legends Caterina secretly married here her third husband Giovanni de’ Medici, who was the Florence ambassador in Romagna, today we still can see the horrible jails and the famous well of blades in which she used to throw her prisoners.
On the hills upon Castrocaro there is the Fortress of Mount Poggiolo, that is unfortunately closed to visitors. Built in 1471 it was a defensive and watch fortress frequently used by Caterina. Inside the keep there is still the well of blades called “well of the Queen” in which she used to throw her unlucky lovers and enemies and according to the local legends there was an underground tunnel that led up directly to her Ravaldino fortress in Forlì being used for her secret escapes, today not more existing.

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